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Rental FAQ

How do I book my rental?
All rental bookings are done on our website. No bookings are taken by phone or email.

How many people fit on your rentals?
Our pontoons can accommodate 8 people (including adults & children). Our Sea Doos are 2 person capacity and the fishing boat is 4. 

Do I need to bring life jackets?
We supply life jackets for adults and children in a variety of sizes. We do recommend if you have your own life jackets for your children, that you bring them as we have a limited number available. We do not have life jackets in infant sizes.

Do I have to wear my life jacket?
On the boats, you do not have to wear your life jacket, but children will need to have theirs on. Life jackets must be worn on the sea doos at all times. 

How old do I have to be to rent a boat?
You have to be 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s licence.

Do I need a boater’s licence to rent a boat?
No! Your rental agreement (please fill this out before arrival as it saves time at check in! It is sent with your booking confirmation!) works as a temporary boaters licence.  Just make sure you have your driver’s licence with you in case you were to get stopped! We’ll give you a quick intro to the machines and the rules of the waterway before you leave.

Is anything else required at the time of booking?
We require a $100 non refundable deposit to secure your booking. 

Do you supply the gas?
When you start your rental, you will have a full tank of gas. When you return we will fill up the tank, and you will pay for the fuel that you have used during your rental. There are also other spots for fuel along the water!

Can I fish from the rentals?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow fishing from any rentals other than the fishing boat. Hooks can get caught in the seats of the pontoons/sea doos and cause damage.

Can I tube or water ski?
We can not allow any water sports/towing from our rentals due to the risks involved.

Are there any additional costs?
The cost of your rental and fuel are what you have to pay for. We do require a $2500.00 security deposit per machine as a precaution of any damages. This is a temporary hold of funds on your credit card. It will automatically clear in approximately 5 business days. 

Can I bring food with me?
You can pack a picnic style lunch or snacks and bring that with you. We are unable to allow any portable BBQ’s on board. 

What can I have for drinks?
You can bring any family friendly drinks! There is no alcohol/drugs/smoking of any kind allowed on the rentals.

Can I bring my animal with me?
No, due to Covid and other sanitary measures, we can not allow animals on the rentals at this time.

What precautions are you taking with Covid 19?
We are sanitizing the machines between customers.  We also have our washrooms open and are cleaned periodically throughout the day.

What if it is raining, can I reschedule my rental time?
We will reschedule rentals based on the weather the morning of your scheduled time. We look at the radar and see if we will get any weather in our area. The forecast isn’t always accurate and changes frequently. Rentals WILL NOT be rescheduled prior to the day of rental. Any other rescheduling or cancellations, will not be allowed. If you need to cancel, your $100.00 deposit is non-refundable. 

How far can I go during my rental?
Our stretch of the Rideau is about 26 miles of lock free water.  You can go fairly far on the tanks of gas, but we ask that you keep an eye on your levels!  We will provide you with a spare tank and if you still run out of gas, there will be a $250.00 charge applied on your credit card if we have to tow you back!!

What’s there to see on the Rideau?
There is lots to see!!  Around us we have the fabulous Kelly’s Landing restaurant where they serve the best stuff on their patio! There’s Baxter conservation area which offers a nice sandy beach to pull the pontoon up to and go for a swim!  There’s plenty of wide open water towards the 416, and great houses to wish for towards the scenic village of Manotick!  If you drive slowly be sure to keep your eyes open for plenty of wildlife including lots of turtles, plenty of different fish and the Osprey nests sprinkled throughout the Rideau.  For more information on the Rideau river and what there is to see check out their website at



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