• 4 cyl – $300.00
  • 6 cyl (V6) – $480.00
  • 8 cyl – $480.00


(Where Applicable)

  • Change fuel & oil filters, engine & outdrive oils. Winterize, fog & drain engine
  • Add fuel stabilizer
  • Spray corrosion guard on electrical connections
  • Flush engine with non-toxic antifreeze
  • Disconnect batteries & charge if necessary


  • $105.00
  • Check transmission cooler & lines – $40.00 (Where applicable)
  • Change transmission oil & filter – $75.00 (Where applicable)


(Where Applicable)

  • Remove outdrive Pressure test (if problem detected)
  • Inspect engine alignment, engine coupler & gimball bearing & universal joints, shift linkages, bellows & hose
  • Inspect transmission cooler & lines
  • Lubricate above items & adjust if needed
  • Change outdrive oil
  • Remove & inspect prop, inspect prop shaft & grease


  • 2-25hp 2 stroke – $99.00
  • 30-75hp 2 stroke – $120.00
  • 4 stroke up to 115hp – $165.00
  • 80-125hp, 4cyl – $140.00
  • 115-200hp, V6 – $150.00


(Where Applicable)

  • Replace spark plugs & filters
  • Change lower unit oil
  • Check hydraulic operation & grease

Shrink Wrap

  • Our shrink wrap rates include all vents, ‘no damps’ and an access door – $2.50 / sq.ft
  • Recommended for all other than wooden hulls
  • Fly-bridges and use of lifting equipment if necessary – $100.00

If you wish to remove items from the boat this must be done before the boat is wrapped.

To prevent mould, tarps & shrink-wrap installed by Long Island Marine will be removed for the summer season.

Other Items

  • Hot or cold water system – $70.00
  • Shower & sump – $$55.00
  • Head – $40.00 Plus pump-out, (add $25.00)
  • Generators, Air conditioners,
    live wells, water pumps,
    Trailer service etc. – $105.00/hr

Oil change and Spring Commissioning is included in our winterizing prices, including antifreeze removal, re-connections, including domestic systems, batteries and pre-launch check.

Not included in all above winterizing prices are parts, oils, lubricants, antifreeze and other ‘Unforseens’.

Kevin and Melanie

Kevin and Melanie

We are a young couple enthusiastic about boating and life on the water!  We’ve been boating together for many years now and bought this marina to help others enjoy a life on the water!  Melanie is still working as an RN in Ottawa and Kevin works here at the marina most days.  Our lives are busy but we’re enjoying this new venture we’ve started.  What drew us to this marina is the atmosphere that comes with a small marina!  It’s always casual and our boaters are always friendly and helpful to each other.  Our shoreline is very natural with lots of trees and wildlife!  We are a full service marina with a full time mechanic on site.

We also hope to bring a whole new season to the marina!  Adding to the summer business we look forward to a snowy winter in which we can share in our other favourite pastime, snowmobiling!  If you have a sled or are thinking about it, we’re your spot!  We have parts and service available and are looking into having sleds available for rent this winter!  With a cold snowy winter getting here on the river should be a breeze!

Come see us and you’ll be sure to fall in love with Long Island Marina just like we did!

Long Island Marina