Covered Storage

Available from October 15th 2015 to October 15th 2016

Shared Shelters

  • Year round $8.85 sq/ft
  • Winter $5.25 sq/ft
  • Summer 4.50 sq/ft

Boat not on trailer our regular haul/launch fees apply

In shared shelters owners will not have access to their boats between-November to mid-April. No work can be performed on the boat at any time while in the shared shelters. To accommodate your need to do any work, our price includes one move from the yard to the shelter in fall or from the shelter to the yard in spring.

Individual Shelters

Under 22′

  • Winter $1,055.00
  • Summer $880.00

22′ – 29′

  • Winter $1,740.00
  • Summer $1,450.00

30′ & up

  • Winter $6.00 sq/ft
  • Summer $5.00 sq/ft

Year-round deduct 25%

Individual shelter price includes the use of a storage box for miscellaneous equipment.


All prices include the move into storage. Moving out of storage in spring will be charged at our posted rates except for those docking with us the following season, in which case there is no charge.

All requests for covered storage are subject to management approval as beam width & height are factors in our ability to accommodate them.